Promotional Video - Accenture

What they wanted: Accenture is a worldwide company which leads the way in innovation. They provide their clients with a range of strategies and technologies which they can then use themselves or to sell to their audiences. With this particular branch located in Newcastle they provide remarkable technological feats for the North East and local businesses to use. Accenture required a short video to introduce the company and promote themselves.


What we provided: Getfilm provided Accenture a short and extremely engaging video which showcases everything Accenture stands for. We used tech music to highlight how much the technology and innovation sector means to them, we also used whip pans and tracked text to give the promo a blockbuster and captivating feel, whilst also allowing the audience to conveniently read about the cutting edge products the company provides. Getfilm are happy to be working with Accenture and have been creating promotion videos for them for over 5 years now.

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