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The Names of the Best Wives Revealed

A study claims to have found the names most associated with being a faithful wife. Does your partner make the list?

The study doesn’t share details about ‘what makes a good wife’, but over 2000 adults were surveyed and asked about experiences with their own partners, as well as those of friends, relatives, and colleagues, and the list was formed.

If your partner is called Emma, Grace or Nicole, they almost made it and you can now claim they are ‘almost’ a fantastic wife.

GetFilm shoot hundreds of wedding videos for happy couples, and to date, we have to say all of the women we have filmed seem to be honest and reliable… but who are we to judge. You can view one of our beautiful wedding videos at the bottom of this article. 

Below are the top 10 women’s names of those who ‘should’ be the most reliable wives:

10. Lucy

9. Jessica

8. Amy

7. Elizabeth

6. Charlotte

5. Emily

4. Sarah

3. Louise

2. Sophie

1. Katie

You can view a wedding video we shot for the wonderful Amy (no. 8) below.

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