Blackfriars Restaurant Promotional Video

Travel back in time at Blackfriars for an unforgettable night, with their Medieval Banquet.

Blackfriars is a Dominican friary, built in the 13th century, with it’s roots in Newcastle upon Tyne. To celebrate medieval culture, Blackfriars hosted a medieval banquet on Friday, 23rd March to showcase their rich cultural heritage at the heart of their dining. The Banquet was held to mark the Spring Vernal Equinox, thus tying in with the religious significance of Christ’s rebirth at Easter. The Banquet Hall boasts ornate oak tables, beautiful tapestries and hand-crafted furniture.

Guests dressed up in period clothing, whilst serving staff host the banquet in traditional monk robes. The menu is designed to be as accurate to friary cuisine as possible. Dishes served included pottage, local fish and meat, and baked fruit with cheese. A roasted pig’s head was paraded around the room, to highlight the luxurious historical delicacy.

“We like to think about the different aspects of medieval hospitality. [We’re] Trying to re-enact some of the etiquette; wrapped up with a kind of frivolity, a bit of drinking and general raucousness.” said Blackfriars owner Andy Hook.

Minstrels entertained guests with music and joyous dancing. One of the guests, Chrissy, said she decided to attend the event because she saw a leaflet at a previous Christmas event. Based on real historical traditions, the Medieval Banquet is unique feasting experience in the North East.

Watch our video, which captures the authenticity of Blackfriars Medieval Banquet in spectacularly festive footage.

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