Capturing your big day on film

For many years, the prime way of recording a wedding was the good old-fashioned photographic wedding album.

But today that has all changed and the best way to record the big day is on video. That way, the viewer can see the sights, hear the sounds and truly experience the atmosphere.

In the hands of a good video-maker, your wedding film has a true sense of narrative with the story unfolding in front of you just at it does at the cinema.

Video also allows you to notice so much more, the reactions of the family and friends, those little things happening in the background.

You can get them on a photograph but only video truly brings it to life – and you can’t hear the wedding bells on a photograph!

Get Film specialises in wedding video production and has been growing rapidly over the past five years. The company’s success is based on its ability to make and edit high quality films, often at short notice and always at a competitive price.

Our experience is that the competitive prices charged by Get Film are proving attractive to couples who want to record their big day in a truly unique way. You can find out more at

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