Wedding venue, with wooden beams, flowers on seats

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Few days in life are as wonderful as your wedding day, but it can come with its fair share of stresses and strains.

The trick to reducing (some of) the stress is to pick the right venue for your big day, one that is suited to your needs and whose team will work well with you.

But what should you be looking for? Well, although your budget will be a big determining factor, there are some other factors that can help immensely when you get them right.

Obviously, location is vital. You want to have your event somewhere scenic, somewhere which creates the right atmosphere and which allows an attractive backdrop for the all-important photographs and wedding video.

But the perfect location can come with its challenges. Can your guests reach the venue easily and is there plenty of car parking or public transport available?

You may have always fancied getting married on top of a mountain, but sometimes compromises have to be made if you want people to attend on the big day. If you are determined to pick somewhere out of the way, it may be worth laying on buses if your budget stretches that far.

You also need to ask how many people the venue can handle. Yes, it may say it can accommodate one hundred people but will they be squeezed in? If so, that leaves you with two options – find another venue or, and this is the more tricky one, remove some names from the guest list.

The second option may seem appealing but the last thing you want to do is create long-lasting resentment with Aunt Maud’s side of the family!

It is also worth checking that the venue can accommodate your needs. For instance, you may want a band for the reception but can the room accommodate one? And is there space for people to dance and for others to watch in comfort?

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming. Double check some of the things that can be overlooked. Has the venue got a late license? Are there areas that will be off-limits? Is there another big wedding on the same day that might affect yours? Can the venue accommodate two at one time? Will you need to pay extra fees for certain options?

A good venue makes a wedding day, and most of them will be perfect. They will make sure the room is well set up, that the catering and drinks are spot on and that their team will give you their undivided attention on the day.

After you’ve chosen the perfect wedding venue for your special day, you’re going to want a cost-effective videographer to capture all of it for a lifetime of memories, so get in touch.