Why Choose Wedding Videography Over Photography?

Remembering what happens during your wedding day is not easy, with most brides telling you the day went so fast it was difficult to remember.

The bride also misses out on guest arrivals, the groom waiting, bridesmaids walking down the aisle or even everyone’s reaction as she makes her way down the aisle.

Hiring a wedding videographer enables you to capture all the most intimate moments, in real time, and have a perfect highlights video from your big day to watch for many years to come.

Remember our filmmakers never stop so we will capture footage across your whole day and it will also include lots of stuff you might not of even know took place during your wedding day.

What about Photographs?

Photographs are still seen as an important, and traditional, element of wedding days. Pictures are shared amongst friends and families and often end up on your walls at home.

Videos, however, enable you to actually take in every important moment of your big day and relive it in real time. From listening to the speeches again and being able to take everything in, to reliving the ceremony and your vows, including the emotion in your voices, is priceless.

Like when watching movies these days you want everything captured in the best quality, and all our equipment ensures you get footage that will impress for years to come. The ability to also share a short highlights video across your social media channels, or a long film including your full ceremony and speeches, video enables you to capture so much more of your day for now, and for the future.

Have a look at our playlist to see some of the unbelievable wedding videos we have captured recently here.

Can’t Afford a Videographer and a Photographer?

Budget is obviously once of the most important elements in planning your big day, so deciding on videography or photography is a difficult decision.

You will almost certainly invest in at least one, as you want memories from your big day and something to look back on in the future. But, which you need to book all comes down to your personal choice of which would be more beneficial for you.

Hi-res videography does however enable you to capture screenshots from various angles. Therefore, if you are not sure on which to choose, videography not only provides quality videos moving forward, but also a photograph opportunity for those pictures to go on your wall.

Videography is Expensive?

There is a huge gulf in rates charged by videography companies and may need to research until you find the perfect package for you. GetFilm offer three set packages, with our cheapest starting at only £550. You can view our packages and more information on our products here.

We are also offer full flexibility, it’s your wedding day after all, so it’s important you get what you need. So, if you would like to discuss a bespoke package or see if your wedding date is free just give us a call now on 0191 348 0104.