Jodie Aspin our Post Production sat in the office

A Day in The Life of our Post-Production Manager, Jodie Aspin

As we celebrate International Women’s day, what better way to emphasise the importance of women in business than to focus on a day in the life of one of our own, our Head of Post-Production, Jodie, who ensures all of our videos meet your needs.

Having joined GetFilm way back in 2013, when the business was formed, Jodie has progressed through the departments to now lead the whole post production team and oversee every project that we shoot.

What are the main responsibilities in your role as Post-Production Manager?

“As Post-Production manager my main responsibility is to ensure the quality and turnaround speed of all our edits. One of the key elements in ensuring the quality and speed are achieved, is planning each editors time. As the business has expanded rapidly during the last 18months, I am also involved in developing the team through continuous training, recruitment and development.  During a normal day I will also look into client feedback, footage uploads, processes and client meetings.”

What skills and training do you need for this role?

“This role is very much based on experience, more than specific qualifications. The experience I have developed, since 2013, with GetFilm, has enabled me to progress within the business and understand customer requirements and expectations. I would say some of the main skills required in this role include – being very well organized, strong attention to detail, ability to multitask and prioritize projects to meet customer needs. One of the most important skills is being able to communicate, not only between my team, but other departments and customers, to ensure we are all working towards the same briefs and project goals.”

Tell us about the types of project you work on?

“GetFilm offer a full circle video production offering, so our projects, styles and briefs vary dramatically every day. We could be creating a full five-day promo video for a fire door company, an all-day wedding, creating three separate videos for the happy couple or an awards dinner video, every day is different at GetFilm. With filmmakers throughout the UK, our projects really do come think and fast, so being organized and constantly training the team, and recruiting new staff with the necessary skills is vital, to ensure we are always exceeding expectations.”

What are the biggest challenges as Post-Production Manager?

“Time keeping is the biggest challenge, so you really need to be well organised. On top of new projects, creating edit briefs, client meetings, you also need to keep on top of adjustments to videos, while ensuring you are meeting everyone’s deadlines. Every day, each member of staff needs to have a detailed plan, to maximise our output, so every night I sit and plan for the next seven days. This is always an evolving process, with new projects every day, so you do need to be constantly on top of the whole production process and overseeing it as whole, not just individual projects.”

What is your advice to people to looking to get into the Film Industry?

“It is a tough industry to get into, but don’t give up after your first rejection. Keep pushing for your passion, and your opportunity and time will come. At GetFilm we work a lot with Universities and apprentices, providing the opportunity for them to develop skills and work experience in the industry, which helps greatly on your CV. If you are interested in filmmaking or editing, get in touch and we will look at what opportunities we have available to help you take your first step into the industry.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“The reaction of businesses and families when they see the videos we create is brilliant. We get some amazing feedback and it’s great for me and the team to read. I also take real pride in seeing how my team has developed over the years to be the large and successful post-production department we are today.”

If you are interested in working in the filming industry, either as an editor or filmmaker, please get in touch.