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Live Streaming for Your Business

On the 10th and 11th of July, Newcastle University enlisted our help to live stream the Creative Fuse Conference 2018 straight from the Great Hall of the Discovery Museum.

The Creative Fuse Conference 2018 presented an interesting line-up of presentations, workshops and performances – and aims to explore the value of creative/digital fusion.

We live streamed the conference so that those who couldn’t make it on the day could still enjoy the fantastic talks, and the event was preserved to enjoy in the future.

Off the back of our latest live streaming venture with Newcastle University and the Creative Fuse Conference 2018, we thought we’d share with you some reasons why live streaming is undeniably valuable for your business:

Reach the Unreachable

If your business holds an event, it’s likely that at least some people on your guest list won’t be able to attend. If you live stream your event however, you can ensure that they don’t have to miss out – they can watch it in real time, and feel like they’re in on the action. Or, if they’re truly busy and don’t have time to sit down and watch it live, it’s preserved for viewing whenever suits them. But that’s not all, if your live stream is shared on social media, your event will reach more people than you could have imagined.

Authenticity and Transparency

A live stream is a lot more authentic than a pre-shot, structured video or social media post – giving your business a human face for customers to feel connected to. Using live streaming to give a behind-the-scenes look at how your business works creates transparency, which in turn creates trust in you, and your services. Also, Sales Force state that behind-the-scenes access is a draw for 87% of audiences.

Educate and Assist

Live streaming means you have the opportunity to show customers how to use a product or resolve a query quickly, all the while showcasing your skill and expertise – helping to make your business, their business of choice.

A Stronger Online Presence  

You can’t deny that a strong online presence is a must for businesses these days, and live streaming is a great tool with which to build awareness and communicate with customers online – after all, according to Sales Force, 82% of audiences prefer a live video from a brand to social media posts. With live streaming, you – the business – are at the fingertips of the customer, so they can ask questions and engage with you in a quick, easy and interesting manner.

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