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Names of the Top 10 Drunks at Your Wedding

You know that one person who always becomes the centre of attention – the one who sees your wedding as a free bar and sprints to the front of the queue, over and over again.

They’re always first up on the dance floor, and probably first to fall flat on the dance floor too.

You know what they’re bringing to your wedding, but as a friend or family member you still have to send out the invite and wait and see what performance they put on for your big day, despite a warning.

GetFilm have captured hundreds of wedding videos throughout the UK, and we have certainly encountered some interesting and over indulged characters. What better way to utilise our wedding audience than run a survey to find out the names of the top 5 male and female drunks at your wedding.

Do one of these ten drunks remind you of someone you know, or bring back memories from your big day?


  • Alan (Alcoholic Al)
  • Steve (Sambuca Steve)
  • Matthew (No Money Matt)
  • William (Whiskey Will)
  • Dave (Projectile Dave)


  • Chelsea (Half Cut)
  • Emma (Emotional Emma)
  • Stephanie (Cocktail Queen)
  • Lorraine (Lightweight)
  • Karen (Crazy Karen)

Have a look at a recent wedding we captured at Woodhill Hall, which includes the fathers of the bride and groom wearing nothing but a bouquet of flowers!