Wedding Videography and Photography FAQ

FAQs: Your Wedding Videography Production

So, you’ve booked your wedding videography with us, what now?

We’ve compiled a list of (and answered) our most frequently asked questions about the production process of your wedding videography, to make the process a little simpler for you.

Can I speak to my videographer prior to my wedding day? 

You will not usually speak directly to your videographer, but instead to your dedicated Wedding Production Manager, who will relay all information directly to them. We do this so that there are no mixed signals, and everything can run smoothly.

What parts of my wedding day will you capture?

This depends on the package that you’ve booked and what you have requested in your brief (more on this further down 👇🏼), but we usually focus on aspects such as: bride and groom prep, full ceremony, beauty shots, speeches, cake cutting etc.

If I only get one videographer, can I still have multiple cameras?

We run a one operator, one camera policy, so if you’re wanting multiple cameras to capture multiple angles, you will need to book two filmmakers.

Is there a charge for staying later than planned if something comes up?

Our filmmakers are always willing to stay a little longer if things run over, we will never leave without capturing everything. If this does occur, you will be charged an hourly rate (which is all covered in the Terms and Conditions). If you find out beforehand that things are going to run a little longer than originally planned, let your Wedding Production Manager know we’ll be able to offer you a reduced rate.

How long will my edits take?

We aim to have your first draft with you within 48 hours. However, during busy periods (such as summer!), there may be delays.

How are my videos delivered to me?

Your videos are delivered to you both digitally, via a link on Google Drive which allows your videos to be downloaded, and via a Keepsake Key USB. You can also buy extra USB’s if you want to treat your loved ones.

What quality cameras are used to capture my day? 

We shoot in HD on 4K capable cameras.

Can I make changes to my video once I’ve seen it? 

You certainly can! We want your video to look exactly how you want it, so within the price of your videography package, you get one full set of amends. With the delivery of your first draft, you will also receive a link to an amends sheet – fill this out in detail with everything you’d like changing / added and we will action it from there.

How will things run on the day?

This depends on whether or not you have arranged to capture bride and groom prep, if you have, we will arrive no later than half an hour before the agreed time for start to set up. If no bride and groom prep is included, we will arrive no later than half an hour before the ceremony, where we will set up and attach a small, hidden clip mic to the groom (so we can perfectly capture your vows). We will then capture the ceremony in full, and follow the brief you have laid out for us.

If I have booked my filmmaker for a set amount of hours, will they be filming continuously? 

No. We shoot for the edit, which means we only capture the ceremony and speeches in full – any other footage is snippet footage. We use the rest of the time to set up and look for the best locations and shots, so your video is perfect.

What do you do in the downtime?

During the times when there is not so much going on, such as when you’re changing, we will capture some beautiful exterior / venue shots or set up for the next part of the day. Our filmmakers are also human, so they will need a short break.

What do you need to know?

So, we’ve answered most of your questions, but in order to capture your day exactly how you want, we need to know a few things too. We ask you these questions via a brief. This is a document that will be sent to you approx six months before your wedding day, (if you’ve booked in advance).

Every part of your brief is important, and if you could answer it all (in detail) that would be perfect. But, the most important aspects of your brief, that we really can’t do without, are:

Points of contact – these could be parents, bridesmaids, the best man, or whoever you want, really. These are the people we’ll go to on the day with any queries, so that we’re not disturbing you, the happy couple, on your big day.

Locations – As you can imagine, the location of your wedding is a big aspect, so if you could give us the full address, including postcode, that would be great.

Key aspects – If there’s anything in particular that you’d like captured on the day, you can let us know in the brief, because unfortunately, we can’t read your mind.

Schedule of the day – Finally, we’ll need the schedule of your day (itinerary), so that we don’t miss a thing.

Any other questions? Get in touch.