Bride and Groom walking away from camera South Causey Inn

South Causey Inn Wedding Video

We were delighted to capture the wedding of Siobhan and Jardine at South Causey Inn.

South Causey Inn is one of the most popular wedding venues in North East England, following an investment of over £1million.

Situated close to Beamish Museum, in Durham, it’s only a short drive from Newcastle. Following the investment, South Causey Inn now has a variety of outdoor areas.

With the weather providing a great backdrop for the wedding, have a look at some of the amazing outdoor shots, as the guests took advantage of the opportunity to spend some time outside.

From the beautiful flowers and candles for the ceremony to the beer pong and foosball table for outdoor entertainment, Siobhan and Jardine added their own personal touches to the venue for their big day.

And, for the first time, don’t miss out on both the bride and groom performing songs of their own during their wedding day.

Congratulations to Siobhan and Jardine from all at GetFilm.