Using Video in Your Content Marketing is Vital in 2018

Video is critical when it comes to building your business’s online presence and achieving better results with your content marketing. If you’re not yet convinced, here are a few reasons why videos matter:

Attract visitors

As you probably already know, Google has a ‘video only’ results section – which is reason enough to include a video in your marketing, but even more important than this, is the fact that content including a video is far more likely to make the much-coveted first page of google results. So, including a video in your online marketing is likely to garner you better search engine results and that’s what content marketing is all about – increasing your company’s online visibility and standing out from the crowd.

Encourage visitors to stay

Once visitors have found and chosen your website, they are far more likely to stay and watch a video, than read the entire text on your website, so videos don’t only help with engagement, but encourage your visitors to stay on your website rather than bounce away.

Move with the times

Not so long ago watching videos on our various mobile devices was problematic, but better, faster broadband connections and improved technology means that people are frequently watching videos when they are out and about.

Clock the number of people watching videos these days on your daily commute, headphones on and eyes focused on their screens. Where once there were boundaries to staying connected, these limitations have fast been removed, facilitating the rise of video content – meaning your target audience can watch video content almost anywhere, at any time.

Improve email effectiveness

When it comes to the success of your emails, the stats are staggering, click through rates are judged to improve by as much as 200-300% when an email includes a video. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) soon to take effect, it’s all the more reason to make the most of the data you hold that meets the new criteria, so let your emails work better for you – when you include a video.

Build empathy

Remember your first visit to the cinema? It probably made quite an impression. Films and videos have the power to engage and move an audience in the way no other medium does, the mixture of sound and images provide a unique experience which captivates the senses, so why wouldn’t you want to embrace the powerful tool that is video marketing.

Strengthen your online presence

Now, you might think that we’re just saying all of this just because we’re a video production company and yes we are, but the evidence is compelling – video is the future of content marketing, so don’t let your company be left behind. By 2019, video content is expected to account for over 80% of all online traffic and you can’t afford to be excluded.

Build a stronger online presence for your business today, contact our experienced team and commission your promotional video without delay.