Matt Butler Work Experience

Work Experience: Matt Butler

Jenna Shaw, Talent Executive at the National Youth Film Academy (NYFA), helped Matt Butler, who took part in the NYFA #SetReady 2018 course, land some paid work experience with us here at GetFilm.

Shooting at a wedding in Shropshire, Film and TV Production student Matt dived into a situation he’d never experienced before, joining our expert filmmakers to capture one happy couples special day.

Matt’s work experience with us allowed him to practice his filmmaking skills, teaching him to be creative and innovative all while following a brief, setting him up perfectly for his future as a filmmaker.

The aspiring cinematographer was definitely happy with the experience:

“I learned that you have to be prepared to always be on on your feet ready to capture footage that the client might want or need for the shoot. It gave me a chance to practice my cinematography in a situation I’d never been in before.”

Phoebe Griffiths, Content Producer at the NYFA, caught up with Matt to find out a little bit more about him and how he found his work experience with us, read the full interview here.